Category: Mysql

Change the order id of orders using MYSQL on Prestashop 1.5

When we are migrating a prestashop installation that is in production, it is possible that the new installation has got a old version of database and that several orders are missing. The reason of this is because we are working with a dump catched in the time X but the shop in production is still working, thus the shop is still receiving new orders and new customers that there are not in our production database […]

Import large mysql dump files using shared hosting

When we are working on a shared hosting, normaly we only have got one tools to manage our database, the well-known phpmyadmin. The great tool has got a limitation when we are working with large database files. If we were working with a virtual personal server, we’d only need to connect via shell an follow these steps: Connect to our mysql server mysql -u [USERNAME] -p Use our objective database and import the dump file […]