import large mysql dump

Import large mysql dump files using shared hosting

When we are working on a shared hosting, normaly we only have got one tools to manage our database, the well-known . The great tool has got a limitation when we are working with large database files. If we were working with a virtual personal server, we’d only need to connect via shell an follow these steps:

Connect to our mysql server

mysql -u [USERNAME] -p

Use our objective database and import the dump file (the database must be empty)

SOURCE [/path_to_file/DBNAME].sql;

But, as we were told, we are working in shared hosting so we haven’t access to a shell. Fortunately, it exist a free tool called “” that allow us to import a large dump file. BigDump is a simple script called “bigdump.php”. To use the script, we only need to upload the file to a folder and configure the database credentials (around line 45), anyway inside the file we can find the instructions.

The next step is to upload the dump file to the same folder (unzipped) and then, you need to access with a browser to the script ( Then the bigdump will show us the file uploaded and a link to begin the import process.


And that’s all

Link of BigDump:

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