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How to remove the admin bar for logged users in WordPress?

If you have a wordpress web page with registered users, you can see that the admin bar on top is shown where the users are logged. This issue could broke the design of you web page or give access to zones that you want keep hidde. To remove this bar you can add this code to you functions.php file, this code removes the admin bar for all users except the adminitrator. 1234567add_action(‘after_setup_theme’, ‘hide_admin_bar’); function hide_admin_bar() […]

How to get child theme template directory?

Normally when we use child themes we need to get the child theme directory o the child theme template url. In our first attemp, we use this: 123get_template_directory_uri(); // Both returns parent theme url bloginfo(’template_url’);; get_template_directory(); // Returns parent theme path We need to use this: 1get_stylesheet_directory_uri; Hope it helps!

How to use pods fields in existing forms of thirdparty themes

When a developer is using wordpress with pods in a existing theme that comes with exising forms, there is a work to do if he wants to integrate extended fields into those forms. For example if a theme comes with a registration form and there are several extended fields for the user. In this case we need to add inside the form the new fields, and this can be a “pain”, because with form methods […]